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  • Tank Maintenance

    Tank Maintenance

    Our maintenance service keeps your tank in top condition:

    • Check and clean leaf guards and first-flush diverters
    • Check mosquito proof screens and overflows to ensure they are clean, sealed, and free of defects
    • Check tank and installation to ensure no stress or cracks
    • Check condition of pumps
    • Assess installation conditions

    Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain a safe and clean rainwater tank. Most tank manufacturers also specify that you maintain your tank as part of their warranty conditions.

    Maintenance schedule

    Did you know your tank could harbour harmful bacteria, decaying vegetation, sediment, insects, reptiles or even animals! All of which could be contributing to making you and your family sick!

    In order to maintain a safe & healthy rainwater tank regular inspections should be conducted and your tank should be cleaned at a minimum every 2 – 3 years (as per Department of Health guidelines).